A website that will save you tons of cash on pet supplies

Don't go broke trying to take care of your pets because there's a website that will save you tons of cash.

Melissa emailed me about Revival Animal Health.

Melissa says she saves tons on her Litter Locker refills, so I did a little research and Melissa... Great find!

I found the refills at Petsmart.com for $11.99.

Almost half that price at revivalanimal.com , just $6.99.

Also on the site, I checked the price for Frontline Plus . A six month supply will cost $67.99.

You'll pay $15 more for the same tick protection at Petco , $82.99.

Also on my list is Nature's Miracle Stain Remover.

Again much cheaper at Revival Animal Health . A 32 ounce bottle will cost $5.99.

Almost double that price at Petco , $11.19 and that's their sale price!

Revival Animal Health also sells medication and supplies for lots of animals including horses.

Thanks for sharing Melissa.  You are definitely a Smart Shopper.

If you have any money saving ideas I'd love to hear from you.

Email me at smartshopper@abc15.com

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