Towel claims to keep you cool in the heat

With the weather being so hot wouldn't it be nice to have something to keep you cool while outside?

Well there is a towel that claims to do the job and keep you from getting overheated. It is called the Polar Snap , and the makers claim it will keep you cool for hours while outside on a hot day.

These towels are really easy to use. All you do is wet the towel, wring it and snap it to activate the cooling action, then place on your body. You can use it for gardening, hiking, playing sports or just to keep cool while outside in the toasty weather.

In the infomercial, the spokesperson says that the towels will cool from 120 degrees to 55 degrees, so we checked out how cool the towel gets. Of course this was not a scientific test but it was around 100 degrees and after we put the Polar Snap in the water immediately it was already 85 degrees, and this was outside.

We had David, my husband, who is a big time golfer, try it out for a few hours while playing golf. He said he was impressed with how the Polar Snap towel worked. It really kept him cooler and he said it lasted for about an hour and then he would re-wet it and it would continue to cool.

We found it online for as low as $10 up to $19.99 plus shipping. I also tried it out while gardening and it performed well, so based on our test I am going to give the Polar Snap a thumbs up. You can do a Google search to purchase these towels since so many online retailers sell the product.

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