3 simple fixes to make your sponges, mascara and cheese last longer

I love sharing ways to help you save money, especially simple fixes that require little to no time.

Recently, a super frugal coworker sent me an article from Buzzfeed.com that had some great ways to make certain things you use last longer.

First, a simple solution to make your sponges last longer -- just cut them up into smaller pieces. Even if you cut them in half, right there that doubles your uses. Plus, spray those sponges with a little vinegar to keep them smelling fresher longer.

Ladies, I know this has a happened to me -- I go to put my mascara on and it is all dried out. Simple solution? Add a few drops of saline solution in your mascara.

Want to get the most out of that block of cheese, but the ends are dry and cracking? I found an easy fix. Take a knife and dab a little bit of butter at the sliced ends of the cheese to keep it moist and fresh.


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