LIST: Top five tech toys on the shopping list for this holiday season include audio accessories

Electronics have been at the top of many wish lists for years. So, what's hot this holiday season?

1. Sound bars and surround sound
You can get a movie like feel in your own home with external systems which helps with the poor audio quality in these thin TVs. The speakers are only 10 watts. That's the same power as your headphones.

2. Wireless audio system
Bring music on your smartphone or tablet to your speaker system without any wire.

3. iPad Mini
iPad Mini is really an iPad 2 so experts say buy the iPad 2 instead. It's expected to drop to $199.

4. Convertible computer
You can use it as a desktop computer or a tablet.

5. Windows 8
It's on computers and smartphones, and there are touch face television screens to work with the new tiles

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