iPhone 5 release date: Apple (AAPL) may be sued by Samsung after iPhone 5 announcement, report says

The iPhone 5 is rumored to be announced on September 12, but right after, something even more newsworthy might happen.

According to Examiner.com and Cult of Mac, the rivalry between Apple and Samsung will continue as Samsung has plans to file a lawsuit against the iPhone maker once they announce the release date of the new iPhone.

Cult of Mac states, "Samsung is understandably mad," and "if Apple even thinks about releasing an iPhone 5 with LTE they will sue them immediately."

With the new iPhone's rumored announcement coming in weeks, Apple's partner PowerOn is offering up to $345 on old iPhones that are in perfect condition.

The offer is fulfilled through the "Reuse and Recycling Program." According to bloggers using the program, the site has offered $280 for lightly-used 32 GB 4S models. In order to get the $345 quote, the 4S must be in "perfect" condition.

Apple is not involved in the transaction between PowerON , but is partners with the company.

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