How wearable technology helps keep you heart healthy

Health tracking for the future is here today. All the major brands are coming out with gadgets that track everything from calories burned to quality of sleep, and even how much sun exposure you are getting.

If you want to track something, odds are there’s technology out there that will allow you to do so.

Within the last year, the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas added 30 percent more of their show space to incorporate the growing wearable technology industry.

The fitness wearables not only help keep you heart healthy, they're also becoming more fashion-focused.

“They are fun to wear, more sleek, more design-focused and more woman-centric as well,” said Trishin Donkersly, editor of AZ Tech Beat.

Fitness analysts predict that the fitness wearables industry will quadruple by 2018.

Sow what are your options?

Check out a price list of some popular wearable fitness technology:

Polar Loop - $109, with heart sensor $179

Polar training watch - $219, with the GPS and heart monitor $339

Fitbug Orb - $49.95

iHealth – blood pressure wrist management  $79.95

Underwater Audio - $165 – waterproof iShuffle

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