Facebook Graph Search announcement: Mark Zuckerberg introduces new search tool

PALO ALTO, CA - Facebook revealed a new search tool Tuesday at a mysterious news conference at its headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif.

The new search tool called Graph Search will focus on "people, photos, places, and interests," according to CNET live bloggers.

Bloggers added that Graph Search can be used as a dating search engine.

For example, you can search "Friends who like Star Wars," CNET reported, so you can find people with similar interests.

You could also search "Friends of my friends who are single males in San Francisco, California," said CNET.

Initially, many bloggers speculated that Facebook was going to reveal a new smartphone or tablet.

What do you think about this new search tool?

You can learn more about the tool and get on a waiting list on Facebook.com.

Check out the live blog on CNET.com.

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