Father of teen shot in head by off-duty Tolleson officer speaks out

TOLLESON, AZ - Nearly two weeks ago, a 17-year-old boy was shot in the head by an off-duty Tolleson police officer during an alleged break-in.

Now the teen's father, Daniel Muhammad, is speaking out about the incident.

Keeping quiet until now, Muhammad questions whether or not the shooting was justified, saying that what his son has gone through is undeserved.

The teenager has been fighting for his life ever since the incident, but police are telling a different story.

Police report that the teen had a large rock and tried to throw it at the police officer, who was off-duty and at his home during the time, and that's what led the officer to shoot.

The police investigation is still underway, but Muhammad's attorney, Benjamin Taylor, says that Muhammad is speaking out because he feels like his son is being mischaracterized.

The teen's father would not comment specifically on allegations of a break-in, but Muhammad did admit that his son should not have been at that location.

"He made a mistake, but this is a trained officer and he could've used other tactics, not a kill shot," Muhammad told ABC15.

Police told ABC15 an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Under Arizona law, deadly force may be used when the victim feels their life is threatened.

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