Valley woman breeds rare elf cats

SURPRISE, AZ - Elf cats are a physically unique animal. The cat takes on the hairless quality of the Sphinx, and the curled ears of the American Curl cat.

These furless felines are extremely rare, only 100 of them are in existence. Arizona is one of only five states that breed this specific type of cat.

"They are so unique, and they're great conversation starters, they are really gaining in popularity," said elf cat breeder Angela Orton.

Orton has had people from all over the world buy her cats. She has even received phone calls from Hollywood wanting to buy some of her furry friends.

However, before you break out your checkbook for these rare kittens, it's going to cost you. Each cat costs around $2,000.

Some may ask why cross breed the two? Well, the Sphinx cat has a history of heart problems due to historical inbreeding. Combining the blood of an American Curl cat to the Sphinx cat made that specific problem disappear.

The furless cats are also a very attractive option to those with cat allergies.

"You end up with a very laid back, very affectionate, very smart cat," said Orton.

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