Two arrested in Surprise double shooting spurred from fight over marijuana

SURPRISE, AZ - Two people have been arrested in a fight over marijuana that left one man dead in Surprise.

Jesse Gillen and Stephanie Conley are facing charges of first-degree murder, burglary, armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Authorities say the two were part of a group Monday that went to the home of Martin Ridgway looking for marijuana. Ridgway told police he refused to sell to them after they presented fake medical marijuana cards.

Authorities say a still unidentified person then shot Ridgway, and he fought back with a knife in self-defense. The alleged attacker died, while Ridgway was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Neither the 28-year-old Gillen nor the 29-year-old Conley had attorneys listed Tuesday with the Maricopa County Superior Court.

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