Surprise woman peforms 37 "random acts of kindness" on her birthday

SURPRISE, AZ - Bonnie Armstrong may seem like your average mom and homemaker, but what makes her extraordinary is her willingness to give to strangers simply because she herself is thankful.

"I've been blessed," she said. "I've had people give things to me so it doesn't seem like so much for me to give."

On her birthday, a couple days ago, she and a couple others including her daughter spent the day performing random acts of kindness around her community.

The acts included, giving flowers to strangers, giving workers candy, donating to a animal shelter and even taping microwave popcorn to the "Redbox" movie machines.

"You never know how you are going to touch someone else's life," she said. "It might cause them to pay it forward to someone else."

Armstrong recalls times where people have stepped up to help her in a pinch and said that she has made giving part of her life because of her faith.

A couple years ago, she started collecting toothbrushes to donate to shelters. She is hoping to donate one million.

Armstrong is planning on making the random acts of kindness a yearly tradition, and is also urging all of us to find opportunities in our day to make someone smile.


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