Special birthday request from young Surprise girl

SURPRISE, AZ - Mackenzie Gonzalez was watching cartoons on the Disney channel in her Surprise home when she got an idea.

"I was thinking that to give to people was great stuff," said the first-grader.

Mackenzie's mother Lindsae Gonzalez says she's always been a generous and quiet child but she spoke volumes when she asked what Mackenzie wanted to do for her upcoming 7th birthday.

"She goes, 'No I don't want a party, I don't want any presents. I just want to have shoes donated to other people,'" recalled Lindsae.

At first Lindsae thought maybe Mackenzie, 6, didn't really understand that this meant no party, no presents and no cake.

"I was very wrong," she admits, "She knew exactly what that meant  and she wanted it… more so than anything."

They've partnered up with Soles4Souls , a non-profit organization, to help collect and distribute the shoes across the United States and worldwide.

Lindsae says it's moved her to see the selflessness in young Mackenzie. "I don't think you could be more proud of your daughter at that point."

For Mackenzie, the reason behind her choice was simple. "So they can be happy and have a smile on their face not a frown on their face."

Mackenzie does have one small request in return for the shoes. She'd like to see pictures of the kids who receive them so she can "see the smiles on their faces when they have the shoes on them."

For her, these are pictures that are worth more than a thousand presents on this special birthday.

Lindsae will be collecting the shoes from now until next Saturday -- which is Mackenzie's birthday. She's planning on having a shipping party and dinner to celebrate.

If you'd like to donate shoes you can email Lindsae at Lindsae113@gmail.com .

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