Phoenix Children's Hospital eases stay for family with double difficulties

SURPRISE, AZ - When the Price family took their son Craig to the hospital for a routine checkup, they didn't think there was anything seriously wrong, but what they soon found out that would be changed forever.

Craig was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

"We were shocked because we didn't know what it was, no family history or anything," explained Craig's mother, Terri Price.

Type 1 diabetes is a disease without a cure.  It will stay with Craig for the rest of his life.  Insulin pumps, carbohydrate tracking and monitoring blood glucose levels are now everyday events.

After a few months, the Price family seemed to be getting used to all the preparations and constant care. Then the unexpected happened again.

Craig's 4-year-old sister Maddi had found out that she too had type 1 diabetes. There is only about a three percent chance that two children in the same family would suffer from this disease.

"The hospital has been awesome, they made sure we knew what we were doing before we went home. They try to make each kid happy and make their stay as easy as it can be when you're a kid in the hospital," said Terri.

Diabetes means these siblings don't have the easiest lifestyle to deal with, but they do have each other, to face the disease together.

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