Man helps save family after car goes into canal

SURPRISE, AZ - When Mark King saw a car overturned in a canal on Wednesday he jumped into action and focused on saving a 7-month-old girl and her parents.

"The chances of all of them making it out of there were pretty slim," said King.

King, an off-duty Surprise police officer on his way home from his daughter's softball game, helped get the mother and baby to safe ground but had an unexpected struggle when something happened to the father.

"He basically goes into shock and falls over backwards into the canal," King recalled.

King said he immediately jumped in and grabbed the man but the fast moving water then put them both in jeopardy. 

"The current that was in there was strong enough all I could do was just hold onto him and not lose my footing. I could hold onto him without any problems but trying lift him out of that with the current that was going, without any help from him, I don't know that I could have done it," King said.

But the man helped King just enough so he was able to lift the man out of the canal, saving his life, and allowing him to hug his little girl once again.

King hugged his own daughter who happened to be in the car with him and watched as her father became a hero to a family of strangers and to her as well.

"It's a feel good thing. My daughter said to me on the way home, she looked at me and she said, 'Dad you're really good at this,' so that made me feel pretty good," King said.

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