Valley Girl Scouts witness robbery, help Surpise PD

SURPRISE, AZ - Three Girl Scouts in Surprise helped provide police with information about two men suspected of robbing a bank.

The girls set up shop outside the Safeway grocery store near Reems and Grand Avenue Saturday night to sell boxes of cookies.

They ended up putting themselves in prime position to help police following a bank robbery.

The Girl Scouts say when they're out selling boxes of cookies, they'll typically approach just about anyone.

But their intuition told them to avoid two men acting strangely outside this Safeway store around 5 o'clock Saturday evening.

"The first guy was in all black," said Aileen, a member of Girl Scouts Troop 631. "If you saw him you'd want to turn and run."

The girls tell ABC15 the two men nervously paced back and forth before eventually going inside the Safeway.

According to the Girl Scouts, the men came back out a few minutes later and hurriedly walked away.

"I got really scared," admitted Kaylee, also a member of Troop 631. "Why is he walking so fast? Why is he wearing those gross trench clothes?"

Not until officers from the Surprise Police Department showed up did the girls find out the men robbed the Wells Fargo branch inside the Safeway.

With the suspects on the run, detectives turned to the girls for help.

I was very proud of my girls," said parent Courtney Schuldt. "They kept their cool about the whole thing."

The girls provided detailed descriptions to investigators including what the men looked like and which way they went.

Eileen, Kaitlin and Kaylee hope that information leads to an arrest and possibly a new merit badge for their sashes.

"There should be a badge for catching bank robbers," joked Kaylee.

The two suspects remain at large.

Anyone with information on the bank robbery is urged to call the Surprise Police Department at 623-222-4000.

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