Family, pastor remember man killed in motorcycle accident

SURPRISE, AZ - The family of a man who was killed in a motorcycle accident at Bell Road and Loop 303 in Surprise on Friday tells ABC15 that he was just putting his life back together when this tragedy struck.

His daughter, Nicole Draper, and his pastor, Jeff Allaway, spoke to ABC15 identifying the man as Ken Draper.  

"I was close to him," said Nicole. "It's hard to understand why this could happen when he was just getting his life put back together."

Draper's 9-year-old son who was the passenger on the motorcycle is recovering at a hospital.

"It is hard," said Allaway, Pastor of Big House Church in Tempe. "It is like I lost a brother."

Allaway is raising money to help Draper's family pay for funeral expenses and to help his family. Draper has three children, two who are under 18.

Allaway tells ABC15 that Draper had gone through a lot of struggles in his life including the death of a child in the past. The church that was founded just five years ago might be considered a "Biker's Church."

The members all have overcome struggles and in some cases addiction. They call themselves "soldiers" as they have fought a battle to find peace in their lives.

Donations can be made by contacting the church through their website . An account has also been set up at Wells Fargo banks under the name "Soldier Ken's kids."

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