9/11 first responder teaches Valley students about his experience

SURPRISE, AZ - Twelve year ago today, Andrew Simoneschi was returning to New York Presbyterian Hospital for his shift as an EMT. On his way back, he and his partner witnessed the first plane collide with the World Trade Center tower.

The surreal experience sent him out to the front lines and fighting through the rubble to help save lives. Simoneschi's first-hand experiences are something not a lot of people can relate to just watching through the television on that memorable day.

Simoneschi took it upon himself to share the reality and his experience with the younger generation that has no recollection of the event actually happening. 

This is his fourth year attending Marley Park Elementary School to talk with the students. Hundreds of students listened closely, while Simoneschi answered dozens of questions.

"I do this for the guys that died there that day, and for what futures we want to shape, I'll come back and do this every year," said Simoneschi.

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