Valley man, Jerry Zwack, invents motorized couch

SUN CITY, AZ - No one likes to be called a couch potato and one Valley man is determined to change that.

Jerry Zwack built a motorized couch from scratch in an effort to prank his wife.

"My wife started nagging me one day and said 'why don't you go outside and do something?' and she was calling me a couch potato," said Zwack.

Determined to prove his wife wrong, Zwack started building a blue love seat he found on Craigslist into a couch on wheels.

"It's kind of built like a rickshaw. I engineered it from the couch forward," said Zwack.

Part go-cart, part scooter, along with a handful of household appliance parts, Zwack decked out his ride in true-couch potato style complete with a television and two horns.

The couch drives at speeds up to 18 miles-per-hour and serves as therapy for Zwack and others he drives past.

"I'm interrupting their golf game, but they are having fun and I'm putting a smile on their face and I like that," said Zwack.

Zwack's next project is a recliner on wheels.

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