Womens remains missing after being mailed from Valley post office

SUN CITY, AZ - A woman's family is trying to find out what happened to their mother's remains which her daughter tried to send through the mail from Sun City.

Lynn Young of Aurora, Colorado tells KUSA-TV in Denver that she mailed an urn with the remains of her mother, Ann Dodge, from Sun City on January 28.

The shipping label later arrived in Young's mailbox, but there was no package.

"It feels like we don't have closure," she said. "We just consider my mom lost."

Young says she didn't know that the Postal Service requires cremated remains to be sent by registered mail to keep them out of the bulk delivery system, and the clerk didn't ask her the specific contents of the package.

Postal Service spokesman David Rupert says Postal Service workers are doing all they can to find the urn.

Young's funeral was held at the Congregational Church in Sun City on January 27, according to her obituary.

Her ashes were supposed to be buried next to her late husband's on February 3, the obituary stated.

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