Town of Youngtown sues mining company over noise near homes

YOUNGTOWN, AZ - Bulldozers, giant earth movers, long lines of water trucks; a Valley town is suing because homeowners say they can't stand the noise from these vehicles anymore.

Nearly 800 families living in Youngtown are suing Olive Avenue LLC and Salt River Materials Group over the companies' mining practices.

Karen Pine who lives in the subdivision near 115th Avenue and the Agua Fria Drive said the noise wakes her family up as early as 5 a.m.

"It's horrible, I wake up to my six-year-old son screaming because all the noise scares him," said Pine.

Pine isn't alone in her concerns; both Youngtown officials and the Agua Fria Homeowners Association have joined the lawsuit.

Homeowners Association President Katheryn French said they want mining stopped because operations are happening less than 50 feet from houses in some places.

"I don't think you've ever seen something where people with pre-existing homes have them come in this close to those homes and just say to hell with you, we are gonna mine whether you like it or not," said French.

Youngtown's Mayor Mike LeVault says the city has tried working with both Maricopa County and the mine to ease residents' concerns.

He says there's little the city can do right now though besides take legal action because the mine has a permit and is outside of Youngtown city limits.

"So far we are finding deaf ears," said LeVault.

ABC15 did make multiple attempts to try and contact Salt River Materials Group, but our requests for comment were not returned.

The mine has had several "good faith" meetings with local residents to try and work on noise concerns.

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