Curve in road sends cars into Sun City front yard

SUN CITY, AZ - Phillip Costa said he has had four people drive through the front yard of his Sun City home since he moved in and he's worried someone is going to get hurt.

"This last driver, he ended up in my tree well. He feel asleep at the wheel. He had worked all night," Costa said.

Costa said drivers are speeding, texting, and not paying attention and end up jumping a curb where the road makes a slight turn.

Costa said that's when drivers end up in his yard.

"You see tire tracks and stones are all over the place. Last time it was a truck. It made a mess," recalled Costa.

He said the last time someone drove through his yard was last month.

He's lived in his home since 2004 and said he now keeps a camera by the front door in case it happens again.

Costa recently bought several large boulders and put them in his yard hoping people will notice them and then see the turn in the road.

The Maricopa County Department of Transportation is in charge of maintaining the roads in Sun City.

Because of the concern, MCDOT spokesperson Roger Ball said the county is planning to install reflective bumps on the road in the next few weeks.

Costa said he is glad the county is doing something because he worries the next time someone drives through his yard they might hit a tree in his yard which is not too far away from the front of his home.

"My concerns are somebody is going to get hurt. They're going to miss that curve and they're really gonna get injured," Costa said.

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