Arizona man dies for an hour, comes back to life following cardiac arrest

SUN CITY, AZ - A Valley man is sharing his story after coming back from the dead.

Walter Willanger, of Sun City, died in 2006 from cardiac arrest. He said he was pronounced dead for one hour, 14 minutes, before coming back to life.

"I was laying in the hospital wondering what in the heck I'm here for," he said.

Willanger went into cardiac arrest in his living room. He told ABC15 he was then rushed to the hospital, but wound up passing away.

"Once you take your last breath, that's it," he said, detailing how peaceful his death experience was.

Willanger said doctors were ecstatic when he came back to life.

"They called me the miracle man," he said.

Willanger has since written a book, titled "But I Didn't Know I Was Dead," detailing his experience with the hope it helps other families who have loved ones who have passed away.

Willanger said in the years since going into cardiac arrest, he has made new friends and seen the birth of several grandchildren. However, Willanger is now fighting cancer.

"Even if I don't win this battle, I actually did win the battle of having my life extended by years," he said.

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