Will Peoria be getting digital billboards?

PEORIA, AZ - Peoria may be joining the list of Valley cities allowing those brightly lit electronic or "digital" billboards.  

City planning officials say they're considering putting a proposal before the city council for economic development and possibly to pass along emergency warnings.

Before the city council decides, however, residents will have a chance to weigh in.  

The city will be holding a series of public meetings through mid-September, and officials say they have not made a decision on whether to go forward.

"The city council will decide," said planning director Chris Jacques.  "This may be something we pursue, or it may be something we don't pursue."

The billboards have drawn fire across the Valley. Critics say they're too bright, and in bad taste, others believe they're too distracting for drivers.  

Residents can attend one of the meetings in the next few weeks, or take an online survey on the City of Peoria website .

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