Valley woman donates husband's American flag to funeral of another military veteran

PHOENIX - For two Valley woman, Veterans Day provides time to reflect, remember and honor their military husbands.

Both Paul Henley and Joe Argel served in the United States Marines. Though at different times, they served their country with honor and respect. Paul served in Korea and Joe served in Vietnam.

"He was passionate and loved his time with the Marines," said Susan Henley, who is now a widow following Paul's death in 2007.

"He didn't go anywhere without a Semper Fi and oorah," said Karol Argel, whose husband died of cancer.

Both women, who were once strangers, are now forever bonded through the retirement of one soldier's American flag and the respectful burial of another.

Henley donated her husband's flag, which she received during his funeral, to the Heritage Funeral Chapel after they put out a request for soon-to-be retired flags.

"I thought it would be a good time to retire the flag," she said. "It brings back so many good memories."

Her husband's flag was draped over the casket of Joe Argel, Karol's husband, during his funeral service.

"He was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. We thought we made the mark and he might have survived, but it came back and he had a real struggle with it," said Argel.

Both woman said this allowed them to honor their husbands for their military service, as well as honor what the American flag stands for -- freedom.

Heritage Funeral Chapel has eight Arizona locations, including one in Peoria, Glendale, Prescott and Casa Grande. View their website for more locations.

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