Valley custodian Dominick DeLorenzo highlighted in Peoria art exhibit

PEORIA, AZ - For the past seven years Dominick DeLorenzo has been working as a custodian at City Hall in Peoria.

"I enjoy the work, it's hard to give it up, and it keeps me active," said DeLorenzo.

This 69-year-old keeps plenty busy, setting up conference rooms, cleaning windows and mopping the floors.

Every day he works, Dominick passes the art gallery in City Hall. It is currently displaying the Annual Celebration of Artists exhibit 2013. The exhibit highlights nearly 90 local artists and gives them the exposure that they may not otherwise receive. It also gives them the chance to be judged and to win cash prizes for the top pieces of artwork.

Dominick is particularly attached to one of the pieces names "Calm." The reason is because it's his piece.  Ever since Dominick has been a child, his dream was to become an artist. However, life took an unexpected turn. His mother died when he was only four years old. And to make things more difficult, his father died when he was 15 years old.

"It was devastating. I was going to have to get serious and join the work force," said DeLorenzo.

Putting his artwork aside, his main goal was to support his family along with his four other siblings.

Years passed, and Dominick eventually saved up enough money for art school. Once he began, more bad news came. He was drafted for the Vietnam War.

It's been a long road in the art world for Dominick, but at 69 years old, it's finally paying off. His piece received the Mayors Award at the West Valley Art Museum.

"When they called my name, I just had to hold onto something because it was so awesome," said DeLorenzo.

To make things even better, he was he was able to sell the piece as well, making his childhood dream complete.

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