Valley business turns away Peoria same-sex couple

PEORIA, AZ - A Peoria same-sex couple claims a cake business owner in Laveen gave them the cold shoulder after she found out about their lifestyle.

Rebecca, who did not want us to use her last name, said she was absolutely shocked.

"She contacted [a] mutual friend and said 'Is this a same-sex relationship?' They answered 'yes,' and she just stopped talking to us,” said Rebecca, referring to the mutual friend who introduced the couple to the woman.

"She's never really had that 'oh, you're gay.' She doesn't look like that stereotypical lesbian so-to-speak,” said Molly Pearce, Rebecca’s partner.

Sweet Tooth by Charity is a small operation out of Laveen that typically only bakes cakes for family and friends, more of a word-of-mouth type of business.

The owner, Charity Sisco, declined to do an interview regarding the situation, but sent us this statement:

“I started doing cakes primarily for family and friends, and an occasional cake or the like for those recommended by family and friends and never as a business or business identity. When contacted by a same sex couple to produce a “wedding” cake, I respectfully declined due to my personal Biblical convictions as a born-again Christian. Although I have made birthday cakes for anyone without any hesitation, I firmly believe that my convictions in the Bible are more important than money. I fully understand that others have their opinions, convictions, and freedom to act upon their beliefs. I too, ask others to respect my opinion, convictions, and freedoms to decline services to those positions I oppose. This truly is the real issue, not a cake.”

After I read the statement to the couple, Rebecca shared with us her reaction.

“I find it very hard to believe that someone is able to reduce someone down to just their orientation, and just not find time for them, or not find love for them,” she said.

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