Thieves steal from Valley's NYS' Militia Youth Football team

PEORIA, AZ - As the temperature rises, so do the tempers of NYS' Militia Youth Football team over what thieves intercepted last week from the back of their coach's truck.

Last week, two custom made canopies were taken right out of the coach's truck near 83rd Avenue and Deer Valley Road in Peoria.

Now the team is left to practice in the grueling heat without any shade.

“It kind of made me mad," said Militia Football team player Kyle Copley.

“What would make you want to take them from a football team full of kids? said Nathan Sherrill, a Militia Football team player.

The NYS team worked hard at car washes and fundraisers to earn the money for the two canopies.

The team purchased the $600 canopies, not just for comfort, but to stay safe while they played in the sun.

On game days they're on the field for 3-4 hours. The canopies were their only reprieve.

“When you're in full pads and running around you get really hot and overheated. So, we can take a break and go under there to cool down," explains Sherrill.

The theft was reported to Peoria police, but with less than two weeks before their championship games, they're hoping police will sack the thieves or at the very least get them to have some mercy.

“They are the only two of their kind, they're very specific looking," said Dawn Suddock, a team parent.

“On the side they say Militia football and have our logo, which is a skull with an army beret. So you can tell that they're ours," said Sherrill.

They're asking anyone who may have seen them, or if you have any information as far as where they might be, to call the Peoria Police Department.   

If you would like to make a donation to help replace the stolen canopies, please email Dawn Suddok.

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