Suspect burglarizes Peoria homes, steals cars

PEORIA, AZ - Police have identified a man who was caught after breaking into multiple homes and stealing two cars, including a police car, in Peoria Tuesday morning.

Jay Davies with the Peoria Police Department said 34-year-old Nicholas Fields first broke into a home near 83rd Avenue and Deer Valley Road.

The suspect reportedly fled the scene by stealing a vehicle from the home and driving it through a garage door.

Officers then received a call reporting another burglary where the suspect was fighting with the homeowner at a residence less than a block east of the first break-in.

Before police arrived at that burglary call, the suspect took off again, breaking into homes along Lone Cactus Road.

Police were able to catch Fields and take him into custody, but officers said the suspect escaped and stole a marked police car.

Fields drove that vehicle to an area near 75th Avenue and Thunderbird Road.

A negotiator was speaking with Fields when officers apprehended him a second time.

Air15 video showed a garage door ripped from a home at one scene and a police car that appeared to have collided with another police car at a second scene.

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