Peoria Unified School District steps up anti-bullying prevention in schools

PEORIA, AZ - Peoria Unified School District is giving students a lesson on bully prevention and teaching them what to do as a bystander.

This year, PUSD is enhancing its bully prevention program by having counselors speak with students. The goal is to stop bullying before it starts.

Students in kindergarten through eighth grade will learn how to identify bullies.  They will also learn the district's bystander motto: "Take a Stand, Lend a Hand."

Here's the advice schools are giving younger students if they are bullied or if they see someone getting bullied:

  • Tell the bully to stop.
  • Walk away from the situation.
  • Talk to an adult.

Parents are also encouraged to communicate with students about ways to deal with bullying. PUSD says they will continue to enforce its strong no-bully policy.

"Kids bossed me around," said Zackary Littler, who attends Sun Valley Elementary School in Peoria.  "They think it's fun. Kids get bullied are scared and don't do anything," he said.

Zackary's mother, Pamela Staples, said she teaches her kids to walk away and not "bully back."

"Be a better person," she said. Staples said schools and parents need to do more to address bullying.   

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