Peoria stroke survivor finishes Orlando marathon

PEORIA, AZ - A Peoria man just completed the first marathon of his life.  While it would be a huge accomplishment for anyone, for Peter Chuchro, it means even more.
The 34-year old is athletic, healthy and has been a runner most of his life, so in a lot of ways he fits the part...what may not fit is that Peter is a stroke survivor.
"It was the scariest thing that ever happened to me," Chuchro said.  "I feel very fortunate."
A little over a year ago he woke to numbness and paralysis on his left side but was able to call 911.
The cause of the stroke was unknown and he was able to make a full recovery without extensive rehab.
He ran Sunday in the Walt Disney marathon in Orlando sponsored by his employer Cigna. He finished with a 3:44:54 time.
Peter says since the stroke he has really focused on healthy living. He now has a 7-month old girl.
"I want to be there for her," he said.  "When I run...I run for my family."

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