Peoria police work to ease parents' fears in wake of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

PEORIA, AZ - The Peoria Police Department is working to help ease parents, teachers and students concerns following the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre in Connecticut last Friday.

Officer Wayne Newman with the Peoria Police Department came to Frontier Elementary Monday to speak to students and talk to parents about any safety concerns.

"It's important that students see officers and feel comfortable around us now so in the case something were to happen they can trust us," said Newman.

Although the shooting in Newtown has left many parents feeling uneasy, Newman is confident with the security provided. The entire incident hit close to home for Newman who has three young children at home.

The Peoria Police Department works hand in hand with the school district and is aiming at making this first day back to school following the Newtown shooing as typical a day as possible.

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