Peoria police urge residents to keep an eye out for coyotes in their neighborhoods

PEORIA, AZ - The Peoria Police Department is advising residents to watch out for coyotes in their neighborhoods and communities.

Police said they have received a number of calls about strange-acting coyotes in Peoria neighborhoods, but added that these aren't uncommon occurrences this time of year.

Officials said this time of year, young coyotes leave their dens to venture out on their own, sometimes wandering into populated areas, but the animals don't typically pose a threat to people unless they are approached.

Police encourage residents to keep food indoors and to prevent access to places that could be shelters for animals. Food can be anything like birds and rodents near bird feeders, garbage, pet food, and fallen fruit, police said.

Authorities said if you see a coyote near your home, don't ignore it, but instead make loud noises or big movements to scare the coyote away.

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