Peoria family asking for money after daughter breaks feet jumping off roof

PEORIA, AZ - A Peoria mom is asking for money after her daughter broke her feet jumping into a pool.

In the video (which is posted below) you can see Nicole Easton very hesitant to jump from the roof, but she went ahead with the stunt. When Nicole jumps she doesn't make it into the pool and lands right on the concrete pool deck.

Nicole's mom Carrie Yunker created a gofundme account to help pay for her daughter's life for the next couple of months.

Carrie Yunker is asking for $4,200 to pay for Nicole's life for the next six months she spends in a wheelchair.

In the description Carrie Yunker says, "Unfortunately Nicole with her roommates, and a girlfriend were being crazy young adults one afternoon. Jumping from the roof of their house into the pool. I'm surprised that Nicole would even try something like that. She's not the very daring type."

RightThisMinute talked with Nicole Yunker to learn more about the incident.




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