Beau Zimbro update: Peoria man hurt in explosion returns home

PEORIA, AZ - A Peoria man is spending his first night out of the hospital after being seriously burned in a home explosion.

Beau Zimbro has been calling a hospital "home" for 108 days. It's been a long road to recovery that certainly hasn't been easy.

"I stayed positive through it all knowing every day is another step I'd be getting better," said Zimbro.

Beau and his girlfriend, Tiara Del Rio, both were injured in the October blast. Authorities said Del Rio lit a candle and then the home exploded.

"You sizzling, your skin burns," he said.

Authorities are investigating whether a faulty gas line resulted in the blast.

He doesn't remember many moments after the explosion and has just started to make significant progress in his recovery, such as taking his first steps just last week.

"It's great knowing I can do things for myself. Because we take and just one thing is taken away," he said.

And while Beau gets to go home Friday, his journey to get his life back to normal is still a long ways away.

"I'm just grateful that I'm even here for it," he said.

Del Rio was released from the hospital on Jan. 21, 2014 . She is continuing to make strides in her recovery.

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