Arizona Game and Fish Department officials defend killing of mountain lion

PEORIA, AZ - Peoria Police responding to a residential call of a mountain lion in the backyard of a residence on Tuesday, shot and killed the animal.

According to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the actions by the officer were supported by Game and Fish.

Randy Babb, a biologist with AZGF, said that in most situations they will try and capture the animal, but if the stray is a threat to humans and other domestic animals, then force may be taken to eliminate the threat.

Babb noted that most large cats, such as mountain lions, will be active at night and stay away from urbanized areas. The fact that this 2-year-old male animal was in someone's backyard during the afternoon is a red flag that could mean several things are not normal.

Another concern is that as urban areas expand into areas that do support this type of wildlife, more incidents such as this will become more common.

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