5 arrested for $30K in Peoria drug store shoplifting

PEORIA, AZ - Authorities say they've arrested five people believed responsible for about $30,000 in shopliftings from 43 different drug stores in Phoenix, Peoria, Goodyear, Avondale and the Litchfield Park area.

Peoria police worked with investigators from Walgreen's and CVS Pharmacy to identity the three women and two men.

In each of the shopliftings, investigators noticed large quantities of cosmetics, medication and hygiene products were taken from the stores in a short amount of time.

Surveillance video showed the suspects stuffing the items down their seemingly loose fitting pants.

However, investigators say the suspects were using specially altered "booster pants" that are able to conceal large quantities of merchandise.

Authorities say the suspects entered stores with a shopping list of items that people wanted and then sold the stolen items for cash.

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