Valley storms leave muddy mess for South Mountain residents: Company helps clear mud-filled pools

LAVEEN, AZ - Sewage, mud, water damage — just some of the damage from Tuesday's storm that pounded homes near South Mountain.

One of the more expensive repairs will be pools. Heavy rain pushed mud down South Mountain into nearby pools.

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Some pools, like Veronica Wene, had at least eight inches of mud in it. ABC15 took action to help homeowners clean up the mess, which can be overwhelming.

Brian Morris with the company "We Fix Ugly Pools" said the first step it to suck out all of the mud using a pump. These pumps can be rented at any major supply store, such as home Depot or Lowes.

The second step is drain either half or all of the water in the pool – it just depends on the damage.

Once the water is drained out, the pool will then have to be shocked with special chemicals.

If a homeowner wants to clean up the damage without paying for a service – it will cost more than $300 for the pump rental and chemicals.

Morris said the process could take up to 24 hours to completely get a pool back up and running.

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