Valley crews preparing for upcoming wildfire season in Arizona

GOODYEAR, AZ - Companies contracted to help fight wildfires in the state and around the country are on standby for what could be a severe fire season.
Western Pilot Services out of Goodyear, provides the smaller tankers that drop fire retardant as part of the initial attack.
Randy Caves, the operations manager, explains that they are mobile and have to be able to get their planes in the air within 15 minutes of getting a call.
At their yard in Goodyear, lines of trailers can be seen that are used to supply the planes. One trailer will carry 2000 gallons of retardant plus the jet fuel the plane needs to operate for a full day.
The planes operate 9 to 14 hours a day and can be on a fire location for weeks at a time.
Caves said they will be staging in Wilcox starting next week.  They will also stage in Wickenburg strategically.
In a typical season they will use some 15 to 20 thousand gallons of retardant.

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