Man rescued from wash in West Valley

GOODYEAR, AZ - Crews rescued a man who was stuck on top of a Century Link utility vehicle in a wash in the Goodyear area Friday night.


The man was stuck on top of the vehicle in the wash near 155th Avenue and Riggs for two to three hours.

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Rescue teams threw him a life-jacket and a helmet to use in case he went overboard.

Goodyear firefighters originally wanted to rescue him with a helicopter, but the type of helicopter needed wasn't available so crews settled on an inflatable raft, said a Goodyear Fire Department spokesperson.

This was considered a very dangerous rescue since the water was moving so quickly, pushing the truck off the road, said firefighters.

The Century Link employee wasn't hurt and told paramedics he did not need to go to the hospital.

It was unclear if the man would have to pay the thousands of dollars in costs associated with his rescue as a penalty under Arizona's "Stupid Motorists Law."

He told firefighters that he was stuck in the mud before the wash flooded, according to investigators.

If his story is confirmed by Goodyear police that the wash was not flooded when he entered it, he probably will not be fined.

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