Black Friday 2012: Valley shoppers camping out for big sales

GOODYEAR, AZ - Serious shoppers in the Valley are already lining up to cash in on Black Friday sales .

ABC15 found one Valley shopper waiting in line at the Best Buy in Goodyear days before the sales.

Best Buy already advertised it's Black Friday Specials: a 40" flat screen for $179 and tablet computers for $180. They're deals that got Mike Bernarei to pitch a 10x15 foot tent outside Best Buy. 

Being first in line is about saving money and having fun. Inside his tent, he's got a 42" flat screen, which he got for $180 last Black Friday. He's got a sleeping bag, a portable stove, snacks, and internet connection. He's a Black Friday pro and has been camping out early for 13 years. You might call him crazy, but he said it feels good to give his family great Christmas gifts.

"I work hard, I save hard for them. It feels good. My niece and nephew want an X-Box for Christmas this year so I'm going to try to see if I can squeeze enough money to get them an X-Box," said Bernarei.

He said it's fair to say, this is the only way you'd be able to afford such great gifts for your loved ones. 

By the way, Mike will be camping out for Thanksgiving. He's got family bringing turkey, dressing and all the sides to share with his Black Friday family in line. Also, Bernarei says there are plans to get a projector so everyone in line can watch movies together while they wait in line.

As for bathing, he said a friend holds his place in line while he runs home to shower each day. Otherwise, Best Buy managers greet him every morning so he can brush his teeth in the Best Buy bathroom.

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