Bees hold West Valley neighborhood hostage

GOODYEAR, AZ - People in a West Valley neighborhood feel like a swarm of Africanized bees is holding them hostage.

The bees settled in to the front bushes of an empty home in Goodyear while the owner is on vacation.

In the last week, two people have been attacked.

David Henderson was stung 30 times trying to save his dogs as they were swarmed on his back patio.

Henderson says his dogs collapsed as soon as he pulled them into the house, but the bees were aggressive and wouldn’t stop their attack.

"They were actually hitting the glass trying to get into the house," Henderson said.

Henderson rushed his two Labradors to the veterinarian, but they just couldn’t recover.

He says the loss is devastating.

"It's hard, for the kids and everybody, the silence in the house with them gone is really hard."

The HOA called in an exterminator, who removed the hive of two thousand bees, but several are still buzzing around and there’s concern they may have moved into the exterior wall of the home.

The HOA also filed an official report with Maricopa County Vector Control, who is supposed to do its own assessment.

Firefighters put caution tape around the front yard and warned neighbors to stay indoors.

Until the owner comes back, some neighbors have changed the way they go about their business to avoid getting stung.

“It's scary, I’m scared for my kids, I have pets,” Said Sam Lucero who lives next to the infested home.

Lucero said he won’t let his kids play outside and one of his dogs is staying with a family member.

"Everyone’s pretty much indoors now, shutting their garage doors before they even get out of their cars," Lucero said.

The homeowner tells ABC15 she's cutting her trip short and is in the process of getting estimates for another exterminator to handle the bee problem.

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