Bees attack family, dogs, firefighters in Goodyear

GOODYEAR, AZ - Authorities say several firefighters were stung while suiting up to attack a swarm of bees in Goodyear.

Russ Braden with the Goodyear Fire Department said the bees were attacking dogs at a home near Interstate 10 and Dysart Road.

When firefighters got to the scene, three dogs and six puppies were being attacked.

When the dog's owners came out of the house to see what was going on, they were also stung.

While fire crews were putting on their bee suits, bees came from the backyard and started stinging them, Braden said.

Crews used foam to subdue and kill the bees.

Fire crews said no one was seriously injured. The puppies were taken to the vet to be treated.

Firefighters never found the hive and think it may have been a swarm migrating through the area.

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