Arizona 7th-grader heading to Scripps National Spelling Bee

GOODYEAR, AZ - A Valley 7th grader is preparing to represent Arizona in the Scripps National Spelling Bee .

Sumaita Mulk, along with Aarish Raza, are the two participants representing Arizona. There will be nearly 300 kids at the competition.

Mulk won several spelling bees, including the 2012 Arizona Educational Foundation state spelling bee, just to get the opportunity to go to the national competition. She told ABC15 she enjoys spelling and is looking forward to the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

"It's fun and there's a lot of responsibility too, though," she said. "So that's not fun if you lose."

Mulk said she practices at least an hour every day. She said it has become a lot of fun to become a champion, winning several local and regional contests.

"There's a lot of perks that go along with it, like, you're famous!" she said with a big smile.

Mulk said she is very dedicated to winning the competition, and hopes all of her practice turns her into the national champion.

Win or lose, Mulk said she plans to participate in more spelling bees.  


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