Veteran's guns confiscated from Glendale home after neighbor dispute

A veteran in Glendale claims his Second Amendment rights were violated after his $25,000 gun collection was confiscated by the courts.

"It was devastating, I couldn't put it into words," said retired Navy veteran Rick Bailey, who said the entire ordeal stemmed from an ongoing dispute with a neighbor.

"We've had feuds, words, but neither one of us threatened each other," he said.

Since November 2013, Bailey says he's complained to the City of Glendale about his neighbor's landscaping business.

"Around June he brought in two large dump trucks," he said. "It smelled like horse manure and it just wafted into our patio."

But his neighbor felt he was the one being victimized, and filed an Injunction Against Harassment with the court; claiming Rick Bailey was taking pictures on his property and threatened to stuff him in a dump truck.

The judge ordered all of Bailey's 28 guns to be confiscated.

"They were at my house at three o clock that afternoon, and it took them about three hours to inventory everything. They took all my collectibles."

The story is now making the rounds on conservative blogs nationwide.

"I don't think any judge takes away a person's firearms lightly," said Attorney  Russ Richelsoph, who deals with Orders of Protection and Injunctions against Harassment on a regular basis.

"In order for it to qualify as harassment it has to be something that a reasonable person would find bothersome, and it has to be multiple incidents," said Richelsoph.

Richelsoph says Rick Bailey has every right to tell his side of the story and appeal to get his firearms returned. He believes the judge was trying to be safe rather than sorry.

"I think they're concerned that if they fail to take somebody's firearms away, and then something violent happens, that they had the opportunity to prevent something dangerous and didn't take that opportunity."

The court order to confiscate Bailey's guns stands for one year, but if he asks for a hearing the court must comply within ten days. Bailey's attorney says he's working to get the injunction dismissed outside of court.

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