Valley teen dead over stolen laptop

GLENDALE, AZ - Francisca Munoz said she made the hardest decision of her life on Tuesday when she took her 16-year-old daughter, Anita off of life support.

"We took her off life support because there was nothing they could do anymore," said Munoz. "I think she's in a better place than we all are. She's going to be one of our angels watching us from above."

According to police, Munoz was sitting outside near the office of the apartment complex where she lived, working on her laptop computer, when Lino Chavez and Jose Solis-Apodaca, both 18, drove into the apartment complex and approached the girl.

Apodaca allegedly grabbed the girl's computer while Chavez stayed in the car.

Police said there was a struggle over the computer and the suspects drove away with Munoz partially in the car. When the suspects got out onto 67th Avenue near Glendale Avenue, Munoz was either pushed or fell from the vehicle suffering critical injuries.

Her mother tells ABC15 her daughter was at the prime of her life.

"She was always determined to get her drivers license. She would try to do that and she wanted to get a job so bad," said Munoz.

Glendale police said Apodaca was arrested at his Phoenix apartment Tuesday night. Chavez was taken into custody last Friday.

According to records, Chavez told his mother about his involvement in the hit and run. She then called police and told them what her son had told her.

The records also reveal Apodaca took the laptop home and later sold it for $280.

Both suspects have been booked on charges of first-degree murder.

Apodaca also faces charges of aggravated robbery and trafficking in stolen property, according to court paperwork.

Munoz was a student at Independence High School in Glendale.

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