Shift in case of missing Glendale girl Jhessye Shockley?

GLENDALE, AZ - Police say a homicide detective is now in charge of the case of missing 5-year-old Glendale girl Jhessye Shockley.

Jhessye vanished from a Glendale neighborhood on October 11th.

Tuesday afternoon, neighbor Karla Brown stopped by the home of Jhessye's mother, Jerice Hunter.

Brown has spent nearly a month searching for Hunter's missing daughter.

Instead of hugs and help with the search, Brown says she only spoke with someone through a window and was turned away.

"I expected the door to open, and have her more friendly to me instead of talking through a window that's covered and closed and everything," she said.

Brown said her neighbors have changed since young Jhessye disappeared.

They say Hunter now sits home alone. Her children, including her newest who was born this week, are now in the hands of protective services.

"She's angry," Brown said. "She's angry. I think any mother would be when their baby is taken away from them."

According to police, subtle changes have also taken place with the investigation in the past few days.

A homicide detective has taken the lead on the case.

Police tell us it's a common practice in long-term investigations as they move away from a missing person's case.

Despite the cold-shoulder, neighbors continue to be hopeful that Jhessye will be found alive.

"I feel in my soul that she is still around," Brown said. "I think she is hidden somewhere deep where police can't find her."

Neighbors tell ABC15 that the search will go on until they get word that Jhessye is found.

"I am praying and holding out hope that police will stand behind this and keep this going," Brown said.

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