Phoenix Coyotes: Glendale City Council debates team's future

GLENDALE, AZ - Will the Coyotes stay or go?

It's a decision the Glendale City Council has been debating for hours at Tuesday's city council meeting.

This is the first meeting where they listened to both fans and opponents of the Coyotes staying in Glendale.

It's an issue that had the two sides at each other's throats before the meeting started.

"They don't see the light. They didn't see they're property taxes doubled," said Bill Demski.

Demski came to the council meeting with a huge hand-made cardboard sign stating, "The Coyotes are free loading bloodsuckers." He's been living in Glendale for years and is worried the decision to keep the Coyotes will cost him his hard-earned money.

"They could care less if my property taxes double. They are going to be hurting more and more if this goes through," said Demski.

The city council will have to come to a decision on a management agreement with the Renaissance Sports and Entertainment group over arena where the Coyotes play. It's extra taxes other fans say is worth every penny.

"If they leave, there won't be anything at Westgate. It will die. I'm there every day. I see what happens when there's not an event. Nothing," said Coyotes' fan Michelle Galan.

The City of Glendale has been going back and forth with the RSE group who announced their partnering with Global Spectrum, a worldwide sports managing group to help better ensure their success.

Counter proposals have been made asking for an out clause if the city loses $50 million or more after five years.

Glendale City councilman Alvares made a statement during the meeting that has given Coyote fans hope saying, "I know it's going to pass."

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