New information in the search for Jhessye Shockley

GLENDALE, AZ - Glendale police say they have reached an area they call the "high probability zone" in their search for 5-year-old Jhessye Shockley at a landfill south of the Valley.

Wednesday was the third day of the search at the Butterfield Landfill near Mobile, Arizona.

It's an area where officers have found newspapers and other paperwork from the day Jhessye went missing nearly four months ago.

ABC15 sources also say officers might not be looking for a body exactly, but a container that may be hiding a body.

This could be anything from a particular type of garbage bag to a suitcase.

Police say they are using the latest, newest technology in their search, beyond simple digging and raking by hand.

"Someone took her and did something terrible to her," said County Attorney Bill Montgomery.  "We want to show we have not forgotten her and will do what we can to try and find her."

Officially authorities say they will keep up the search as long as it takes. 

Sources tell ABC15 they are hoping to find something significant by the end of the week.

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