Mountain Ridge High reports seven infected by skin outbreak

GLENDALE, AZ - Mountain Ridge High School in Glendale said that seven of their 14 wrestlers who participated in the Centennial Pack tournament back in late January reported skin infections.

School athletic trainer Kim Rodgers said the school takes extra measures to make sure their wrestling mats are cleaned on a daily basis.

“They clean them twice a day,” said Rodgers. “Once before any athlete steps on and at the end of practice when everyone goes home.”

Wrestling Coach Corey Whitten says it caught him off guard too, since his wrestlers are told on a regular basis to stay clean and wash their clothes as soon as possible.

He’s glad the wrestlers came forward and got the medical treatment when they did, since a lot of them reported skin problems in less visible areas like their heads.

“They actually had it where it was hidden, so if we didn’t have good kids, they could’ve got away with it,” said Whitten.

School officials said those infected wrestlers have been cleared and will participate in sectional competitions this weekend.

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