Glendale business owners expect large crowds, big profits during major football championships

GLENDALE, AZ - In 2016, University of Phoenix Stadium will host two major football games less than two weeks apart.

First the Fiesta Bowl, then the College Football National Championship game.

The last four national championships played in Arizona brought in more than $640 million. Glendale is hopeful millions more are just around the corner.

Teresa Outzen, owner of the Gas Light Inn, has already booked her 10-room bed and breakfast for next month's Fiesta Bowl. "It really is a big party in a small town," she said.

News of even more visitors these next couple of years has small business owners gearing up for game day. "It seems to bring in a lot more tourists," says Danica Coral, who runs Pink House Boutique. She says being able to host two major football games a year apart gives Glendale a chance to shine.

"Usually people who come to Phoenix usually talk about Phoenix downtown, Phoenix and Scottsdale," she says, "but they forget about Glendale. I feel like when we get forgotten they don't really see the whole picture and we've got a lot of great things to offer."

The Hop Stop Diner is adding to the old hometown feel with 50s décor and even at a year old, is ready for big business. Rachael Hargan, a manager there says, "On weekends with big events we have lines out the door so we're definitely prepared to handle large crowds and it's a lot of fun."

It also means big bucks for the city. In 2011 during the last BCS championship game, more than 78,000 people filled the stands. A majority of them were from out of town. That means millions being pumped into the local economy through hotels, restaurants and shops.

Jerry McCoy, spokesman for the city of Glendale says, "The last time we hosted the game in 2011 it was the most viewed sporting event in cable TV history."

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